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Philips FRx AED & Rotaid Indoor Cabinet

AED & Cabinet package including:

  • Philips FRx AED
  • Carry Case
  • Rotaid Indoor Alarmed Cabinet

The Philips FRx AED provides real-time guidance through simple, step-by-step voice commands, an audible metronome and CPR guidance to help guide the treatment of a suspected sudden cardiac arrest. With easy set-up, clear voice prompts, and rugged design, HeartStart FRx is designed for users trained in Basic Life Support (BLS).

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What's Included?

  • Philips Heartstart FRx First Aid Defibrillator
  • Slim carry case
  • 1 Pair of SMART Pads II
  • 4 Year Battery
  • Rescue Kit
  • 8 Year Manufacturing Warranty
  • Rotaid Indoor Alarmed Cabinet

Ready to act. Ready to go.

The Philips FRx is the solution for helping treat victims of suspected sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in demanding environments and conditions. Lightweight, rugged, and reliable, it can withstand rough handling, extreme temperatures, dust, or wet environments.

The Philips FRx features a unique Infant/Child Key that allows you to use the same pads for both adults and children. Simply insert the key into the FRx. The defibrillator automatically adjusts the shock strength and adapts to provide pad placement and CPR instructions appropriate for children, according to American Heart Association guidelines—all without the need for different pads.¹

Detailed defibrillation guidance so you know what to do

The Philips FRx tells you exactly what to do. To deliver a shock, place the pads on bare skin as shown in the placement diagram. The AED determines if a shock is needed and if so, prompts you to press the orange shock button. The voice commands repeat and rephrase if you need additional help. Flashing icons and a reference guide help if you are in a noisy setting.

Complete CPR assistance for BLS-trained rescuers

If you need help with CPR, the FRx defibrillator gives instructions and audio cues that tell you how to do it. It guides you through the appropriate number, rate, and depth of chest compressions, as well as how to perform rescue breaths, as recommended by the American Heart Association.² If the Infant/Child Key is inserted, the instructions adapt to CPR instructions that are appropriate for an infant or child.¹

The Rotaid indoor cabinet with alarm is a battery-powered highly robust and durable AED wall cabinet that ensures a recognisable, solid and sustainable storage of your AED device. The characteristic round shape and design of the Rotaid indoor cabinet make it easy to be found and just a quick twist is needed to gain full access to the AED. The cover comes with AED logos and directive arrows to leave no room for interpretation.