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HeartStart Event Review Pro

Event Review Pro is our comprehensive case management tool for the most demanding data managers and medical directors, with even more detailed data entry screens to record every aspect of the response, including detailed response times, interventions, and patient observations. In addition to the individual case reports, you get Utstein reporting and graphical summaries of your system’s overall response times to help you manage your service levels more efficiently. * It is available with single PC pricing or unlimited organisation-wide pricing.

* Changes to default values should be done only by authorised personnel under the oversight of a medical professional. Purchase of this product requires a prescription.



Philips provides a broad range of tools to help you efficiently and effectively configure your HeartStart Defibrillators and then download, transmit, share, analyse, and report resuscitation data, so you and your medical director can fine-tune your response to cardiac emergencies. Whether you manage a community
public access program, a school AED program, a corporate emergency response team, an EMS system, or your hospital’s resuscitation committee, the Event Review software suite has the tools you need to manage your defibrillator data.