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AED Cabinets

Choosing to purchase an automated external defibrillator (AED) for your health club, gym, fitness centreoffice buildingschool or other public gathering place is an important first step in ensuring that the people who frequent these areas are provided with the best basic life support in the case of sudden cardiac arrest.

The next important step is choosing where to keep the AED. If you plan to keep it in a communal area, the AED needs to be highly visible and easily accessible because when it comes to SCA, every minute counts. The AED also needs to be protected against damage and misuse, and this is where an AED cabinet is vital. 

Indoor wall cabinets allow your defibrillator to be located in a place that’s ideal for both accessibility and visual awareness.

If you plan on keeping the AED outdoors, an outdoor AED cabinet is an excellent way to protect your defibrillator from the elements, whilst also helping the general public easily identify where a defibrillator is located. Some outdoor cabinets feature a heating system and alarm.

If you don’t wish to wall mount your AED cabinet or prefer to keep it portable, browse our range of rugged AED Carry Cases.